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Aphros Wine

Vinho Verde  //  Portugal


Many people don't realise that there are red wines from Vinho Verde, amphora aged whites and medieval-style field blends produced by Aphros winery, a revived estate held by the family since the 17th century.

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Aphros Vineyard
Aphros Wine

Starting in 2003, Vasco Croft set out to revive his family's semi-abandoned property in Casal do Paço, in the Vinho Verde region. The estate has been in the Croft family since the 17th century and covers a total of 20 hectares, including four hectares of vines and another four of chestnut orchards.


A firm believer in Biodynamics (Vasco led the Waldorf movement in Portugal in his previous life as an architect), Croft immediately began converting the estate after he arrived, and the ecosystem is now thriving, with wild horses, sheep, and bees (the vineyard manager, Alberto Araújo, tends to the beehives). There have been small additions of parcels over the years, as production has slowly increased, and all the vineyards are farmed Biodynamically. 

A truly fascinating aspect of the winery has been their research of medieval winemaking styles, and Vasco's drive to rely less on technology, which has led them to pursue the idea of making wine without the use of electricity. Their Phaunus wines  are all made in this fashion.


Grapes are harvested by hand, and crushed by foot. A manual vertical press is used and they were able to track down some old Talha amphorae from the south of Portugal for ageing. The amphorae are lined with beeswax, and a small amount of olive oil is used as a cap to prevent any voile from forming. There is no temperature control during fermenation or aging, and wines are bottled by hand. As head winemaker Miguel Viseu says, "This is how wine was made 1,000 years ago!"

Featured Wines

Loureiro ‘Phaunus’ Pet Nat


The Phaunus Pet Nat is all Loureiro, vinified in stainless steel with no added yeast or sugar. There is a short period of maceration, and disgorgement is after 5 months of ageing, with no filtration or fining. Super dry, refreshing and textured.

Loureiro ‘Phaunus’ Amphora 


The Phaunus "orange" is all Loureiro, with 8 weeks of skin contact and lees ageing in 1,300L clay Talha amphorae from southern Portugal. The wine has nice lift from the natural acidity of the Loureiro grapes, while the maceration and lees ageing give it texture and structure.


As winemaker Miguel Viseu says, it's a wine 'made in silence,' with harvest by hand in the early morning, and no electricity used at any point in the process. A truly curious approach with a delicious result. Drink chilled, but not too cold.

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