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Nestled under the southern foothills of Marlborough’s Wairau Valley, Clos Henri is the wine estate meticulously established and organically run by the famous Sancerre wine growing family of Henri Bourgeois.

From Sancerre to Marlborough…
Once under the direction of Henri Bourgeois’ sons Rémi and Jean-Marie, the family was aspired to explore outside their traditional borders. In 1988, they began a worldwide search for a new slice of terroir, similar to their own in Sancerre, where special Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir could be grown. After a 12 year exploration, New Zealand revealed itself as the place to create a style of wines that would reflect the Bourgeois philosophy. In the year 2000 the family fell in love with the land and wines of Marlborough and in the same year, made the instinctive and emotive decision to purchase a 98 hectare property. The Bourgeois family was amazed at the youthfulness of the land, unlike in France where the ground has been worked for centuries.

The land at Clos Henri represents a very unique crossroad of three different soil types. It is quite an unusual phenomenon to acquire a piece of land with not one but three unique soil structures, all on one estate. The three kinds of soil are the result of previous geological movements forming the Wither hills on estate’s southern boundary, and the Wairau seismic fault line which runs directly through the estate, resulting in two different soil types lying beside each other on the plain.

Organics and biodynamics…
Clos Henri uses natural methods from the vineyard to the winery, practices dry farming and is a proud member of MANA: Marlborough Natural Winegrowers. The estate has been fully certified organic by the harvest of 2013.“We believe that natural wine-growing techniques paired with no irrigation, leads to true terroir expression in our varieties of Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir and produces fruit of the highest quality possible” says Damien Yvon, General Manager and Winemaker.

Clos Henri Sauvignon Blanc

From the historical Greywacke River Stone soil. The estate’s flagship wine expresses a distinctive minerality (flintiness) and elegance underlined with excellent fruit purity. It is a wine of complexity and great ageing potential which will gradually reveal with age the authenticity of its origins.

Clos Henri Pinot Noir

From Broadbridge and Wither Clays. Indisputably, the southern clays (also called the Southern Valleys) enables Marlborough to play amongst the finest Pinot Noir terroirs in the world. Pinot Noir fruit sourced from our Broadbridge clay typically reveal femininity through its lacy tannins and delicate fruit palette, while fruit from Wither Clay captivates your senses by its more masculine characters, dense structure and fine tannins. Clos Henri is the elegant and complete expression of the best of these two clay soils. Its great ageing potential is the ultimate revelation of the terroir.

Clos Henri ‘Bel Echo’ Sauvignon Blanc

From Broadbridge and Wither clays. Sauvignon fruit on clay soil is all about unique generosity, opulence but finesse. This wine typically displays intense flavours, ripe tropical fruit with an appealing rich and chalky palate, and a remarkable ability to develop in the cellar.

Clos Henri 'Bel Echo' Pinot Noir

From Greywacke River Stone. This free draining soil expresses Pinot Noir of great lifted bright fruit notes and a hint of smokiness while being quite linear and tight in the mouth giving fascinating characters and personality.

Clos Henri ‘Petit Clos’
Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir sourced from young vines across all three estate soil types.