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Dal Forno Romano

Veneto  //  Italy


"Dal Forno’s greatest wines transcend vintage to bring us an exceptional portrait of one of the world’s most ambitious wines..."

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Dal Forno Vineyard
Dal Forno Bottles

Dal Forno produces his two wines in tiny quantities. It takes seven vines to produce a bottle of Valpolicella, and an almighty ten vines to make a single, very special bottle of Amarone.


A rigorous selection process and draconian standards make these incredibly concentrated, full bodied wines very hard to come by. The 8ha estate in Illasi can produce 1,500 cases at most, although in most years far fewer are actually released.

Dal Forno’s Amarone della Valpolicella is a radical reinvention of one of Italy’s most famous wines. It is impenitent, intoxicating and a provoking wine. Dal Forno uses extremely low yields and an austere selection process admitting only the most exceptional grapes.


The global wine market has an insatiable demand for the world’s greatest wines and Dal Forno’s Amarone has been called the ‘Petrus of the Veneto’.


The Wine Advocate’s Monica Larner recently embarked on a retrospective tasting back to the 1990 vintage to assess ageing potential: "The results were nothing short of stunning... Dal Forno’s greatest wines transcend vintage to bring us an exceptional portrait of one of the world’s most ambitious wines... Michele Dal Forno, one of Romano’s three sons, tells me his family is considering releasing their Amarone ten years after the harvest in order to give the wine even more time to evolve. Indeed, many of the bottles tasted in this retrospective were opened the evening before my visit to the winery. The drinking windows for the newer vintages tasted in this report extend 30 to 50 years."

Dal Forno’s Valpolicella Superiore is consistently one of the highest quality reds from the north of Italy, and that is true of this vintage in particular. In fact, Antonio Galloni posits that "Dal Forno should really change the name of his… Valpolicella Superiore. This is really an Amarone for all practical intents and purposes, since 2002 made entirely from fruit that has been dried, albeit for less time than that legally required for Amarone."


Dal Forno’s Valpolicella Superiore simply offers a chance to own a pseudo-Amarone from the King of Amarone for less than a third of the price! It is hard to express how exceptional this wine is and it should be found in any fine wine lover’s cellar. It is certainly the greatest Valpolicella that we have ever tasted.

Introducing the extraordinary 2004 Dal Forno Romano Passito Vigna Seré, the jewel in the crown of this iconic winery, and a legendary wine that embodies the essence of traditional Italian winemaking. Exuding intensity, elegance and refinement, with a deep, ruby-red colour that is simply mesmerising.


Produced in very limited amounts and on very rare occasions - indeed, 2004 is the current release! Vigna Seré possesses immense opulence and density, with preeminent hints of plum, black cherry, raspberry, chocolate and coffee. A good level of sharp acidity supports the sweet, refined tannins. 55% Corvina, 15% Rondinella, 20% Croatina, 10% Oseleta.

Featured Wines

Amarone della Valpolicella


“The current release. A tour de force, despite the sheer morass of palate-staining fruit. The malty oak is evident, yet operates as a welcome adjunct to corral and compress the swashbuckle of coffee grinds, beef bouillon, mint, leather varnish and saturated dark cherry liqueur, into a sheath of tension as much as sheer power. Grapes are dried for 70-80 days. This may seem obvious initially, but as one works it out in the glass and across the inner gums, the multitudinous layers become evident. A wine that shape-shifts and beguiles, as much it wrestles with the senses. Excellent. Drink or hold.”

98 points, James Suckling

Valpolicella Superiore


“Pungent nose of violets, amarena cherries, dried figs and lightly charred oak. Some toffee notes emerge with air, together with more pressed flowers. Not so much full-bodied as full-flavored, with silky, fine and polished tannins. Very young and driven at the moment. Lacks the depth and complexity of more fortunate vintages, but still shows exceptional quality. Try from 2024.”

95 points, James Suckling

Passito Rosso ‘Vigna Seré’


“The 2004 Passito Rosso Vino Dolce Vigna Seré (500mL) is a masterpiece that is impossible to repeat. In fact, the wine has not been produced since 2004. Even if a vintage as good as this did come along, we'd need to wait another 13 years before we could enjoy this level of maturity and evolution. Formally a Recioto della Valpolicella, this sweet red wine is made with air-dried fruit as local tradition dictates. Luckily no botrytis set in that year, because that would have eroded the wine's deep and luscious color saturation. The bouquet delivers a generous flow of dark spice, bitter chocolate, espresso, raisin, plum, barbecue spice and teriyaki smoke. The concentration and layering of the wine are both rare and distinctive. The mouthfeel sees sweet flavors with a syrupy mouthfeel. The finish offers hints of caramelized brown sugar and savory hickory. The aging window is impossible to predict, but the wine is surely built to last. I can think of no other wine that comes close to matching this unique style. Drink to 2050.”
99 points, Wine Advocate

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