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Gulp Hablo

La Mancha  //  Spain

Biodynamic & Organic

Dive into the very gulpable Gulp Hablo experience—a testament to quality, tradition, and innovation.

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Born from the Parra family's passion for biodynamic farming, Gulp Hablo wine is a tribute to their dedication to the land.

Harvest at Bodegas Parra Jimenez is a family affair, with Paul being assisted by his father Javier – a 30-year veteran winemaker – plus his brother Paul and winemaker Juan Antonio Ponc.

Discover the magic of Gulp Hablo Orange, a refreshing blend of Verdejo and Sauvignon Blanc crafted by the three Parra brothers from La Mancha.


This isn't your regular white blend; with a week-long skin maceration, it transforms into an extraordinary orange wine bursting with notes of dried citrus, pekoe tea, and apricot. And, with low residual sugars and a light 11.5% ABV, it's perfect for a relaxed sip.

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Orange Wine


A blend of equal parts Verdejo and Sauvignon Blanc, a common combination for the white wines of the region, and here made into an orange wine via a week of maceration on the skins. Aromatics of orange blossom and tropical jackfruit with moderately tannic dried citrus peels, tea and preserved apricots on the yeasty and textured plate.

Bottled unfined and unfiltered.

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