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“Rudolf Furst is an acknowledged Pinot magician in Germany.…” - Jancis Robinson MW, November 2011

“This 18 hectare estate in Bürgstadt is where some of the best Franconian wines are produced, especially the Burgundy style Spätburgunders (rightly regarded as the finest in Germany).” 

- Hugh Johnson, Wineguide 2012

Arguably the greatest producer of Spätburgunder (Pinot Noir) in Germany, the wines of Rudolf Fürst have received critical acclaim both domestically and internationally. They are at the forefront of pushing the quality and reputation of Pinot Noir from Germany and proving that it can considered among the best in the world. Located in the Franken, focusing on vineyards in Centgrafenberg. The wines show texture, body, fruit and structure that reflect strongly a Burgundian influence on the wines. Recent developments in the winery have been steadily improving the quality and complexity of the wines as the responsibility shifts from father to son.


2015 Centgrafenberg Riesling Grosses Gewächs

18.5 points, Michael Schmidt, - "They like to express cool minerality in their Riesling (and Silvaner) at the house of Fürst and the hot summer of 2015 could not stop them from achieving that goal. Add an invigorating acidity and you have probably the most vibrant Riesling of the region. Green fruit is fresh and not too ripe, but lifted by the merest notion of residual sugar. Not lean, but taut."


2014 Centgrafenberg Riesling Grosses Gewächs

93 points, Wine Advocate -"Pale yellow in colour, Paul and Sebastian Fürst's 2014 Centgrafenberg Riesling trocken GG is very clear and subtle on the nose, displaying white fruit, flowery and herbal aromas. Lovely, pure, finesse-full and salty on the palate, this is a dry, straight, salty and almost weightless, but seriously complex Franconian Riesling. It has a very delicate raciness, and is one of Germany's finest and more age-worthy dry Rieslings that is excellent as a food wine. Mind you that this Riesling is made by one of Germany's greatest producers of Pinot Noir."

2013 Centgrafenberg Spatburgunder Grosses Gewachs

18.5 points, Michael Schmidt, - "It was the Bürgstadter Centgrafenberg Spätburgunder 'R' (the 'R' since dropped by the estate) which many years ago convinced me that Germany could compete with the top Pinot Noirs of the world. Even if burgundy clones are used, the Centgrafenberg is never a burgundy copycat and has shaped a personality of its very own with that trademark composition of red berry fruit, spicy-smoky barrique aromas and a truly cool minerality. The 2013 differs little from its predecessors, thanks to the grapes picked à point to tame the exuberant acidity of the vintage while delivering perfect ripeness and great purity of fruit. It probably is the most elegant of Fürst’s Grosse Gewächse, not as ostentatious as the other two, a gentleman of Pinot Noir."

2013 Schlossberg Spatburgunder Grosses Gewachs

18 points, Michael Schmidt, -"I used to feel that the Klingenberg Schlossberg was a little more reserved in its expression of barrique ageing than the Bürgstadter wines. This year the roasted, spicy and nutty aromas seem a little more pronounced, possibly because the fruit of 2013 did not achieve quite the concentration of previous years. Of course there is still the juiciness of ripe berries, cherries and plums, but the fleshy part seems a little firmer and crunchier. The quality remains the same, but instead of the ample curves in 2013 we get a six-pack. Structure wins over seduction."

2013 Hundsruck Spatburgunder Grosses Gewachs

18.5 points - Michael Schmidt, -"It's difficult to decide which fruit the seductive and eau-de-vie-like fragrance of the Hundsrück has missed out on, but if all this wealth of aromas comes from the vineyard, the masterful delivery of barrique aromas doesn’t. The old adage that the best wines are made in the vineyard is only a half-truth, as at chez Fürst the contribution of the oak is expertly adjusted according to the needs and benefit of every individual vintage. This is why – even after a difficult two months before the harvest – the 2013 Hundsrück still shows the same finely poised balance between the taste of plums, blackberries and cherries and the oak-induced components of roasted nuts, smoky bacon and spicy sandalwood. It doesn’t end there of course, as a salty and stony minerality has the final say in flavour matters. Structure, substance and complexity are even more guaranteed with two master winemakers working in tandem."

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